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      Water is more than just a surface to float on; it's a world filled with adventure, health, and joy. At Sportamore, we understand the passion for swimming, whether you're a beginner or an experienced swimmer. We're here to provide you with everything you need to make each swim better than the last. From the perfect wetsuit for your open water adventures to Aquarapid swim caps that keep your hair in place as you slice through the water

      Equip Yourself for Success in the Water

      Swimming is unique because it requires specific equipment for you to perform at your highest level. We know that the right gear not only enhances your performance but also your experience in the water

      Wetsuit: Not Just for Pros

      A wetsuit is not just for professional swimmers. Whether you swim in open water or want to extend the outdoor swimming season, we have wetsuits that provide you with the thermal comfort and flexibility you need

      Why an Aquarapid Swim Cap is a Must

      A swim cap is not just about style or keeping your hair dry. An Aquarapid swim cap helps reduce water resistance, allowing you to swim faster and more efficiently. Plus, it protects your hair from chlorine and other chemicals in the pool

      Don't Forget Your Aqua Shoes

      Walking from the changing room to the pool or beach can be a challenge for your feet. Our aqua shoes offer not only protection but also slip-resistant safety on wet surfaces. Whether you're looking for aqua shoes for yourself or for the whole family, we have options that fit everyone

      [[Björn Borg]] Swimmers - More Than Just a Legend

      When it comes to swimming, we can't overlook the legend [[Björn Borg]]. Inspired by his endurance and performance, we offer swimwear and accessories that reflect the same high quality and design you expect from a brand associated with a master like [[Björn Borg]]

      Experience the Joy of Swimming

      Swimming is more than just a sport; it's an activity that unites people, brings joy, and promotes health. At Sportamore, we're here to support you on your swimming journey, whether you're just starting out or on your way to breaking your personal record. Discover our collection and find everything you need to make every swim a success. Explore our range and take your swimming to the next level with us. Visit our swimming collection today and dive into a world of quality equipment and accessories designed to enhance your water experience.