Video: Charlotte Beijer tests Nike's glittering new products

PT Charlotte Beijer tests Nike's new training clothes from Shine on pack with a sweaty tabata workout that makes your stomach burn.

Nike nike has finally released this fall's Shine on pack with glittery (!) workout clothes. HERE you will find both tights in different lengths, tank tops and sports bras from the sparkling collection.

- The garments were very comfortable to work out in. The tights have a normal high waist and are therefore perfect for those who do not like when the waist is sky high. "Personally, I really like the sports bra that had good support," says PT Charlotte Beijer as she tests the new collection during a sweaty tabata session.

The glittering training clothes are suitable for both group training and the gym because you are very mobile in them.

- The collection is very festive! The garments have that little extra and it's fun to be able to dress up when you work out," says Charlotte Beijer.

Charlotte Beijer's 30-minute core workout:

PART 1: Warm-up | 10 minutes

Work on warming up the mobility of your hips, inner thighs and chest by doing different types of stretching and flexibility exercises. Also do a few squats and mountain climbers to activate the butt, thighs and core that you will work on during the high-intensity part of the session. This is all about warming up your body and getting your heart rate up.

PART 2: Tabata workout | 12 minutes

Tabata means short intervals where you give everything. Do the exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and continue for a total of eight rounds per exercise. Take a one-minute rest before the next exercise.

#1 Rollover mountain climber

Stand in a plank position and do six mountain climbers. Then lift one arm and rotate it plus your entire upper body towards the ceiling. But don't stop there - rotate your arm all the way down to the floor again so that you're standing in an upside-down plank with your stomach facing the ceiling. Do the same with the other arm before coming back into a regular plank position.

Tip Remember to tighten your thighs, butt and stomach. Do the exercise step by step and remember to lift your hips when you stand with your belly against the ceiling. Make sure to warm up your shoulders properly before you start.

You train: Core and glutes.

#2.Reverse burpee with tuck jump

Stand hip-width apart and do a reverse burpee with a half reverse tuck jump where the entire lower body is lifted off the ground. Come back to your feet and do a tuck jump in one movement, that is, you jump into the air with your knees high and touch your hands with your knees. This exercise is meant to be done in one go, so use the momentum from the burpee as you jump.

You train: Conditioning and core.

#3 Rollover jack knife

Get into a jackknife position with your whole body straight and your arms and legs above the ground. Then do three crunches and come back to the straight position. Now spin one turn in any direction. Make sure that your hands and feet do not touch the ground again. Keep your body tense throughout the exercise and speed up for the rotation.

You are training: Core.

PART 3: Warm-up and stretch | 8 minutes

Stretch properly after the session, focusing on the stomach, thighs and hip flexors. You can also do optional relaxation exercises to lower your heart rate and give you time to recover.

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